"...Antonio Amenduni demonstrated an excellent preparation, performing with mastery and absolutely dominating his instrument...”

(“SZ “ - Dresden (Germany), June 1987)

“...Antonio Amenduni played under my direction, showing his outstanding musical capability with the prospect of a brilliant musical...

(Mstislav Rostropovic –Rome (Italy), October 1988)

"...Antonio Amenduni proved to have excellent musical qualities: a fine sound, exceptional technical ability, personality and talent to artistically elaborate musical form..."

(Aurèle Nicolet –Hamburg (Germany), July 1989)

"...Antonio Amenduni offered an interpretation of rare beauty, characterised by moments of extreme versatility and sonorous ductility...”

(Paese Sera – Rome (Italy), April 1990)

“...Antonio Amenduni is an artist of the first order. His technique and musicality are truly extraordinary and I am honoured by his collaboration..."

(Zubin Mehta – Rome (Italy),  July 1990)

“…the splendid execution of the flutist Antonio Amenduni, among the best musicians on this earth...”

(La Citta’ - Bari (Italy), June 1996)

“....his persuasive phrasing, from his natural way of breathing that struck one in Boehm, Mendelssohn and Schubert, the calibrated and expressive sounds….which the interpreter accentuated with much skill….. made it altogether an evening of an exceptional level...”

(La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno – Bari (Italy), June 1997)

“...Antonio Amenduni’s precision and technical and instrumental mastery was stupefying: strong expression, great musical sense, phrasing finesse…”

(Roma – Rome (Italy), February 1998)

“…the culmination of the “Concerti in Municipio” in Cagliari was the exultant and enchanting execution from the internationally renowned flutist Antonio Amenduni who presented melodies from 18th century opera to a cultured public...”

(L’Unione Sarda – Cagliari (Italy), June 2003)

“...Amenduni’s “Soviet” flute proposes melodies of Taktakishvili and Rakov, expressed from a velvety transparent timbre to a visceral musicality...”

(Corriere della Sera – Rome (Italy), January 2005)

“...applause lasting 10 minutes after the splendid execution by the Italian flutist. The public present held its breath in the enjoyment of the sweetness of Antonio’s sound, acclaimed for a length of time by the entire auditorium...”

(Brest City – Brest (Belarus), January 2007)


“...l'esibizione del flautista italiano Amenduni, ha entusiasmato il pubblico di Seoul come mai accaduto...”

 (Today Music, Seoul -South Korea- November 2008)


“...che passione! Suono e musicalità di Antonio Amenduni, caratteristiche ineccepibili che fanno del flautista italiano un grande riferimento per i giovani (e non solo!) flautisti coreani...”

 (Oriental State, Seoul -South Korea- March 2010)


“...i temi operistici de La Traviata e Norma, le dolcissime sonorità, la tecnica fluida e chiara di Amenduni hanno colorato divinamente le mura del Castello di Amerang...”

 (Suddeutsche Zeitung, Muchen -Germany- August 2013)